Doorstep Deliverers

free store-to-door volunteer delivery for homebound seniors & immunocompromised community members during the COVID-19 pandemic

We're Doorstep Deliverers, a group of volunteers that offer free store-to-door deliveries for seniors and immunocompromised community members during the COVID-19 outbreak. Just order and pay for your groceries from any local business that offers curbside pickup, and we'll drop them off at your doorstep so that you can remain safe at home.


Boxes of groceries pictured.Volunteer pictured in front of boxes of groceries.Bags of groceries pictured.Bags of groceries pictured on a neighbor's doorstep.


"Both my husband and I are over 70, and he has underlying health issues. Grocery shopping could literally be dangerous for us at this time. Doorstep Deliverers is a great and potentially life-saving service."

• • •

"For frightened seniors, Doorstep Deliverers did a beautiful job and at a store I’ve shopped in for many years. We were so grateful for the follow-up calls. Everything worked out so carefully, and the volunteer even had the kindness to carry the heavy load to the back of my house. A beautiful group."

"Doorstep Deliverers is amazing! These volunteers will pick up and deliver groceries for people who are immunocompromised, elderly, otherwise high risk. Not only did they do the pickup and delivery, but they also helped us figure out which market to use, communicated with the market, did everything exactly as I’d requested, and were just overall lovely. They made accessing groceries as easy as possible in a time when regular details are overwhelming for some of us. If you need help, definitely contact them!"

"It was a wonderful surprise to received your gift of kindness. With the current crisis upon us, and given our age and health issues, Doorstep Deliverers was a great relief. We felt so grateful that there are people offering your time to help others. Thank you again."

• • •

"Doorstep Deliverers helped me feel taken care of and reassured that everything will get better. Their service was incredibly organized and efficient. My volunteer was most helpful and went out of her to accommodate me. Looking forward to your service again!"